Auto Gluer Machine manufacturers

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Auto Gluer Machine manufacturers

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Up Folding Auto Gluer Machine

Main Machine Tech
A.Automatic Belt suction feeder
1. Manual adjustment of left/right board and front gate gap.
2. Second pre-creasing and creasing unit with motorized adjustment of wheel movement.
3. Motorized adjustment of roller gaps.
B. Gluing unit
Wheel-gluing. Gluing tank can be motorized movement. Double doctoring blades for even gluing result.
C. Upward folding unit
1. Main folding belt is imported from Italy, high quality, durable.
2. Upward folding avoids glue flow to the ground.
3. Motorized movement of the left/right folding beams.
4. Side guide device on both folding beams to make the creased paperboards go straightly in a linear way;
D. Squaring unit
1. To square all the folded cartons for an acceptable accuracy.
2. To count the quantity of the passing cartons.
E. Counter Ejector
1.Stacking and counting are simple and reliable;
2.Digital control, operation easily and reliable, No-stop put in data and automatic counting;
3.With rectification function
4.Paperboard counting and put out by pneumatic, stable and quickly
Model AFG-M-1000*2000 AFG-M-1200*2400 AFG-M -1200*2800
Max.carton box (L*W) 450*450 550*550 650*650
Max.caton box (L*W) 150*150 150*150 150*150
Paperboard thickness 2-9mm 2-9mm 2-9mm
Glue width ≤45mm ≤45mm ≤45mm
Feeding mode Suction belt feeding Suction belt feeding Suction belt feeding
Max.paperboard (L*W) 1000*1800mm 1200*2200mm 1200*2600mm
Min.paperboard (L*W) 300*600mm 300*600mm 300*600mm
Fording mode Up folding Up folding Up folding
Total powr 11kw 12kw 14kw
Max.working speed 120m/min 120m/min 120m/min
Machine dimension 11000*3000*1100mm 13000*3300*1100mm 15000*3800*1100mm Auto Gluer Machine manufacturers

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Auto Gluer Machine manufacturers

Mesajde Henryatopy » Sâm Mar 16, 2019 12:04 am

Our Whirlpool auto washing machine motor has broken so we are looking for a replacement washing machine does anyone have one for sale?

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